18th ESDP meeting, Marseille

mardi 11 avril 2017 : 10h00
par  Jean-Pierre FERAL

The meeting will be held at the Endoume’s Marine Station (Marseille) on 2017, April 11th, 10 ;00 - 17:30.
This is the last meeting under the auspices of EMB. We will have to decide a strategy to keep the panel "visible" at a European scale. A good deal of time will be spent in discussing of the future. Consultation documents will be updated as wall as the ToR.

Station Marine d’Endoume
Chemin de la Batterie des Lions
13007 Marseille

Please consult the info_sheet for practical details.

Participants :
FR, J.-P. Féral (chair), UK, M. Sayer, FI, J. Leinikki, DE, P. Fischer, BE, A. Norro, NO, H. Hop, SE, M. Asplund, EMB secretariat, J. Coopman.

By SKYPE : IT, M. Ponti, GR, T. Dailianis & W. Plaiti, BG, D. Berov, HR, D. Petricioli & T. Bakran-Petricioli

Apologies : PT, P. Neves

Minutes of the 18th ESDP meeting / download

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