25th ESDP meeting, videoconference

jeudi 22 octobre 2020 : 10h00
par  Jean-Pierre FERAL

Initially planned in Riga, this face-to-face meeting is cancelled, because of the uncertainties due to the covid-19 pandemic. Delegates will participate via videoconference on the 22nd October 2020, starting at 10:00 (Paris time / UTC+02:00).

Agenda :
- Welcome
- Adoption of the agenda
- Approval of the minutes of the 24th ESDP meeting
- Overview of national updates
- MARSnetwork business (updates, training, ToR)
- Towards ISO standards for European SD ? Why ? How ? Pros and cons
- Interaction with other actions/bodies (World Underwater Federation [CMAS], Scientific
Diver, The World Scientific Diving Training Council [WSDTC])
- Consultation documents (updating) rebreathers/ medical spreadsheet / SD requirements
- Any other business

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