NSDC Bulgaria

Scientific Diving Commission at the Bulgarian National Association for Underwater Activities (BNAUA)
Thursday 18 May 2017
by  Jean-Pierre FERAL
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- No dedicated web site yet

- No authority to force any rules on diving in our country
- A few advisory articles are published with information with possible problems associated with covid-19 and diving. They were prepared by Dr. Nikola Shopov, the medical advisor of our organization and a hyperbaric medicine expert, a compliation of available medical info on the topic. They are made available to all members of our organization, scientific and other types of divers (in Bulgarian):

- No official ban on diving during the epidemic in Bulgaria. Recreational diving centers have started working with some strict rules related to not having people indoors and in close contact.. but nothing too strict there either - mostly due to the low number of cases in Bulgaria and in our coastal cities.


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