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Terms of Reference
Marsnetwok - European Scientific Diving Panel

1. Background
The European Scientific Diving Panel (ESDP) was first constituted as the European Scientific Diving Committee in 2007, and accepted as a European Marine Board (EMB) Panel in 2008, and this until April 2017. Since October 2017, becoming a Panel of the Marsnetwork, the ESDP still acts as an operational platform to advance underwater scientific excellence and to promote and implement a practical support framework for scientific diving related activities. The ESDP rely on the organizational support provided by the Marsnetwork Secretariat and the visibility and profile that the link with MARS provides.

2. Mission and objectives
2.1 Mission Statement
To advance the use of scientific diving as a key research tool in Europe
2.2 Definition and rationale for Scientific Diving

ESDP ToR (November 2018)


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