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How to dive as a visitor scientist in the European countries ?
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E.U. SD requirements
E.U. SD requirements

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Thursday 18 May 2017
by  Jean-Pierre FERAL

NSDC Portugal
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Thursday 18 May 2017
by  Jean-Pierre FERAL

NSDC Sweden

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There is a work-environment authority regulation which is regulating all work diving in Sweden. This decree was issued in 2010. It says under the explanations for section 7 on page 22: “Scientific diving/scientific diver For scientific diving, two certificates have been produced (...)

Thursday 18 May 2017
by  Jean-Pierre FERAL

NSDC United Kingdom
Diving at Work Regulations, which are the framework which is common to all diving sectors, can be found here:
The approved code of practice for scientific and archaeological diving that guides us in (...)


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