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Fourth Meeting – 15 June 2010, ESF-COST offices, Brussels

JP Féral (France), P Fischer (Germany), M Sayer (UK), A Carbonnière (ESF-MB), A Norro (Belgium), J Leinikki (Finland), P Kekäläinen (Finland)
Apologies from R Lindblom (Sweden)

1. Introduction
Approval of the last meeting report (ESDP meeting in Finland, 05/10/09).

Update on actions :
Questionnaire – sent out (to 16 countries) but returns were almost zero. Considered this may be better when the COST action is running. Many of the countries do not have any national structure making it difficult for them to respond (even through ESF national contacts). It was suggested that the contact names should be increased to try and capture the best national contact point. There is some feeling that groups joining the ESDP may have to develop diving standards that they are not able to (or don’t want to) meet. The questionnaire will be refined and sent out prior to the workshop.

Underwater Geolocation – will be kept for the COST meeting

Ny Alesund joint report – will be kept for the COST meeting

Database – need to ensure that the information in the database is correct ; every member should check the information on the database regularly (every 6 months)

P Kekäläinen : to draft the key questions to be later sent to Workshop invitees regarding diving standards (ESDP consultation document)

2. COST/ESDP workshop on scientific diving
The title has been changed through request from COST. The workshop title is now : Strengthening synergy and excellence in diving-supported science across Europe. Other changes have occurred and should refer to the proposal version as circulated
for this meeting.

Meeting to run over two days : 27 and 28 September at the COST offices in Brussels.

2.1 Targeted invitations and foreseeable ESDP membership
Four COST actions could be linked with ESDP activities : EGO (European Gliding Observatories Network) ; Seagrass Productivity ; pan-European Marine Biodiversity Observatory System ; Submerged Prehistoric Archaeology and Submerged Landscapes (PIs of each action should be included in the mailing list).

National perspectives from each representative from the invited countries with some discussion, plus a summary for current ESDP (highlighting the good synergies plus some of the operating problems).

2.2 Scientific content of the WS
Presentations on biodiversity (Féral) ; polar research (Fischer) ; geo-location (Norro) ; science delivery (Sayer) ; archaeology (COST action : submerged landscapes). To invite summary presentations from the other 4 COST PIs.

Prepare 20 minute talks

2.3 Networking activities
Generic discussions on interactions and potential wider involvement in ESDP related activities.
How diving can be integrated with the wider European infrastructures (ERVO, MARS network, ASSEMBLE ?, etc.)
Also to include scientific links with other scientific diving organisations (e.g. AAUS).

AURELIEN : to target experts for the infrastructure dimension

2.4 Preparation of a COST action on scientific diving
Proposal for the additional COST action to be run on the second day. A draft proposal to be circulated before the meeting (see section 3)

PHILIPP : to circulate draft for all in advance of the meeting with a request for expressions of interest.

2.5 Outputs/outcomes
Circulate the ESDP consultation document “Common practices …” for comments for future revisions. Need to gauge the interest in how the other SD invitees accept ESDP and the potential future involvement. ESDP to produce a “roadmap” on how to achieve full integration.

ESDP leaflet ? May be funds from COST to publish the proceedings from this workshop.
To construct working groups discussing generic problem/opportunity areas and to actively encourage new members to present areas of expertise that can compliment the expertise that ESDP presently has.
1 joint presentation on the evolution of managing scientific diving at the national levels (2 approaches).

Who to invite ?
Firstly looked at the ESF Marine Board members who were not represented on the ESDP : Cyprus, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey
Philipp’s List of contacts
13-15 people to be invited.
Cousteau Society : Their application to join the ESDP was discussed but considered that the CS did not provide a clear definition of what community that they are representing (compared with all the other members who are representing their national committees).

AURÉLIEN : to examine the possibility of COST funding for publication
PHILIP and JOUNI : to draft a joint presentation on “Managing SD at national levels, 2 approaches”
AURÉLIEN : to produce list of invitees and costs to the COST meeting.

3. COST action : content, timeframe, task allocation
The afternoon of the 28th September will be put aside for the COST proposal.

Draft proposal 0.9 was circulated and discussed.

A list of changes were proposed. The next draft to be completed by 30th June 2010.

4. Updates on ESDP networking activities
A new ESF Marine Board working group on MPAs is being developed. The group will provide information on all the MPAs in Europe plus all the relevant legislation. Also partnered with UNESCO. Next meeting in October.

Need members of ESDP to be dedicated contact name for integration with the other groups (WG MPAs, EUROFLEETS, ERVO etc.).

5. ESDP database
Database to be updated at regular intervals. Philipp to send link round the group requesting the database to be checked.
PHILIPP : To circulate database link to committee members.

6. ESDP publication material and website
Two journal issues of the journal Underwater Technology will be published July and November based on the papers presented at ISOSD-2. Journal issues will be circulated to all committee members.

MARTIN : to organise special issues sent to all committee members.

7. Any other business
AAUS have approached ESDP with a tentative enquiry about a joint meeting (full conference) within the next 4-5 years based on high quality science delivered through diving.

Second International workshop on Research In Shallow Marine And Fresh Water Systems will be held on the Aeolian Islands 3-10 October 2010. (

Technical scientific diving workshop – Eilat, June 20-25, 2010

Date of next meetings
1. COST meeting ; Brussels, 27-28 September 2010

PHILIPP : to circulate COST proposal draft for all in advance of the COST WS meeting with a request for expressions of interest.
AURÉLIEN : to examine the possibility of COST funding for publication
AURÉLIEN : to produce list of invitees and costs to the COST meeting
PHILIPP : To circulate database link to committee members.
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