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  • The 23rd ESDP meeting will be held in Paris, at the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle. It will be hosted by the Laboratoire de Cryptogamie, 12 Rue Buffon, 75005 Paris, on the 25th October 2019, from 10:00 to 16:30.
  • For the 22nd ESDP meeting, delegates will participate via videoconference on the 13th May 2019. The virtual room will be in Germany, managed by P. Fischer. A test session will be organized some days before.
  • A new charter of use of the ESDP list of discussion. It will henceforth be moderated. (to the charter of use)
  • 5th International German - Swedish - Finish European Scientific Diving (ESD) Training Course 2019 : In 2019, the Biological Station Helgoland (Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (Germany) and the Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Sciences (University of Gothenburg - Sweden) in cooperation with Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) and Alleco Finland offer the 4th international course “European Scientific Diver ” within the framework of the ESD regulations published by the European Scientific Diving Panel (ESDP) as member of the MARS network. The course will be held in two parts from April 1st – April 12th in Helgoland (Germany) and from April 22nd – May 10th in Kristineberg, Fiskebäckskil (Sweden). Download the announcement Short report
  • You are invited to bid to host the 6th and 7th European Conferences on Scientific Diving to be held in 2020 and 2021, respectively. The European Conference on Scientific Diving is a combination of the “Research in Shallow Marine and Fresh Water Systems” series with the "International Symposium on Occupational Scientific Diving" series into a single annual meeting. The intention is to provide a major international forum to highlight the scientific outputs that are being achieved in Europe principally through the use of scientific diving as a research tool. The symposium should attract the European leaders in the field of scientific diving, but must also provide a platform to encourage significant participation from Early Stage Researchers. download the invitation to bid to host next ECSD.
  • The 21st ESDP meeting, hosted by HCMR back to back to the MARSnetwork directors meeting (27-29 November 2018) has been held in Creta, on the 26th November 2018. A presentation of the ESDP has been made during this conference on the 28th November 2018.
  • July 2018 - Edition of a new Future Science Brief of the European Marine Board : Benedetti-Cecchi, L., Crowe, T., Boehme, L., Boero, F., Christensen, A., Grémare, A., Hernandez, F., Kromkamp, J. C., Nogueira García, E., Petihakis, G., Robidart, J., Sousa Pinto, I. & Zingone, A. (2018) Strengthening Europe’s Capability in Biological Ocean Observations. Muñiz Piniella, Á., Kellett, P., Larkin, K., Heymans, J. J. [Eds.] Future Science Brief 3 of the European Marine Board, Ostend, Belgium. 76 pp. ISBN : 9789492043559 ISSN : 2593-5232
  • International courses for scientific divers and future scientific divers, 2018 : the Lovén centre-Kristineberg in Sweden will host and co-host together with Alfred Wegener Institute, Helgoland Germany, respectively, two different courses for PhD students that works in underwater environment (master students and post-docs, early career researchers are can also apply). Courses description and requirements.

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mercredi 11 octobre 2017
par  Jean-Pierre FERAL

Navigating the Future IV - Position Paper

Navigating the Future IV - European Marine Board. Position Paper 20 (June 2013)
Foresight report organized around the framework of key societal challenges in the areas of climate, human health, food security, energy and safe and sustainable use of marine (...)

mercredi 11 octobre 2017
par  Jean-Pierre FERAL

Advancing Citizen Science for Coastal and Ocean Research (Position Paper)

Advancing Citizen Science for Coastal and Ocean Research
European Marine Board Position paper 23
May 2017











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